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San Diego Gold Buyer

San Diego Gold Buyer

Who's the best scrap gold buyer in San Diego?

Out of all the San Diego gold buyers, the buyers of gold that pay the most cash for gold are gold refineries. Here at Gold Refinery of San Diego, we guarantee to pay you the highest cash offers for your scrap gold jewelry in San Diego. We also buy high-end jewelry, diamonds, watches, big sets of sterling silverware, and all forms of solid platinum.

Aren't all gold buyers the same?

Most gold buyers do not have the capacity to refine gold and silver. So, they resell everything they buy to a refinery. Gold buyers sell their gold to refineries because refineries pay the most. At Gold Refinery of San Diego, our tagline is, "Skip the Middle-man and Sell Gold Like A Pro." We say this because you have the opportunity to sell gold at a gold party, or a jewelry store, at a kiosk in the mall, or even at a pawn shop. But, if you want the most money for your gold, why not sell your gold to the same place that professional gold dealers sell their gold to? Gold Refinery of San Diego is open to the public and we invite you to visit us for an obligation free, no-pressure, consultation.

San Diego Gold Jewelry Buyer

In today's poor economy, more and more gold is being scrapped (refined). Despite what jewelers may tell you, 99% of the used gold jewelry they buy, they turn around and sell it to a gold refinery. There are some exceptions like Rolex watches, and other brand name pieces. Additional exceptions would be items containing precious gems and/or diamonds. We now have a GIA Graduate Gemologist on staff and a watch expert on staff to assist with these transactions. Even though our specialty is scrap gold, we bring the refiner's mindset to buying high-end jewelry and collectibles, whereby we are satisfied with a reasonable profit. Even though, in theory, a jeweler may be better suited to resell your item, jewelers typically are not happy unless they can guarantee themselves a huge profit margin. Although the large majority of our business is refining gold, we also buy and sell silver, platinum, and palladium. We buy silver in the forms of coins, bars, large sets of "sterling" flatware, and large pieces of "sterling" tableware. We buy platinum and palladium in any solid state (coins, bars, jewelry, sheet, wire, pellets, etc.).

San Diego Gold Coin Buyer & Dealer

Here at Gold Refinery of San Diego, we have a bullion division where we buy and sell coins, bars, and investment grade precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium). We sell investments with a $1,500 minimum. We buy gold and platinum with a 1/2 ounce minimum. We buy silver with a 50 ounce minimum.

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