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Don't mail your gold. Local San Diego gold dealers will pay you instant cash. Why risk losing your valuables in the mail only to receive a check weeks later? Whether you are ready to sell gold today, or you just want a free consultation, come visit us now. We pay the most for gold jewelry in San Diego, guaranteed.

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90% or more of the companies that buy gold via the mail system, will pay practically nothing for your gold. By dealing in person, you can always walk away from the deal if you do not like the offer.

It is well known that gold refineries pay the most for gold. That is why jewelry stores and pawn shops resell the gold they buy to refineries. Jewelry stores will often mislead their customers claiming that they pay more because they value the workmanship inherent in a piece of jewelry. They also claim to pay more for precious stones. The truth of the matter is that 99% of the second-hand jewelry that jewelry stores buy, is instantly resold to a refinery. We constantly buy gold jewelry with diamonds and our customers tell us that we are paying twice as much as they were just offered from local jewelry stores.

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Just because we are a gold refinery, that does not mean we melt all the gold we receive. If your coins are rare, they may be worth more than their melt value; we will offer you more money if this is the case. Also, some gold coins and bars (recognized bullion) are fit for trading in their current form, and we offer full brokering services for these coins and bars. We offer a two-way market for investment grade bullion. If you are interested in investing in precious metals, we offer gold, silver, and platinum coins and bars for sale. If you are interested in selling your investment grade gold, silver, and platinum bullion, we are happy to buy them at extremely competitive prices.


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