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1. Payment. We offer full payment on the spot by check or wire transfer.
2. Assay. We assay your bars while you watch with our XRF assay machine. The margin of error is typically less then 0.1%. For gold bars melted perfectly, the margin of error on this assay can be as low as .01%. If you have a large lot and you prefer to have a fire assay done by an independent party we can have a sample sent out.
3. Time. We offer normal dealer pricing only when one of the world's leading gold markets is open (don't show up with a million dollars worth of gold at 5PM on a Friday and expect your payout not to be slightly affected).
4. Price fix. When you are selling us gold we typically use the live bid price from Kitco's website.  If Kitco's website is having technical difficulties we use a similar 3rd party website.

Honest Buying Prices

As an honest refinery, we can not buy on tiny margins and turn a profit when dealers sell us tiny lots.  As such we buy on a sliding scale.  Other refineries melt and assay your metals behind closed doors, where they find ways to make all deals profitable.  Any refinery can make money paying "99%" on your gold if they melt and assay your gold behind closed doors, they just have to rob you blind every once in a while.  If you respect a completely transparent process, with honest and fair pricing, that is what we offer:

*Gold karat scrap

net contentpayout
1 - 9.99 oz t95% of spot
10 - 19.99 oz t 96% of spot
20 - 49.99 oz t 97% of spot
50+ oz t 98% of spot


net content payout
any 90% of spot


net content payout
any 90% of spot

*Karat gold scrap must be 10K or higher grade (standard jewelry alloy). Silver must be 80% or higher grade (standard jewelry or tableware alloy). Platinum must be 80% or higher grade (standard jewelry alloy). Palladium must be 80% or higher grade (standard jewelry alloy). All other alloys will be quoted on a case by case basis, please inquire.


1. We reserve the right to make changes to our procedures, buying prices, and policies at anytime without notice.

2. We only buy 2 things from dealers: bars and coins

a: BARS. All your scrap must be melted into a bar before we will assay it and buy it. We do not buy loose scrap as individual pieces.  THERE IS NO LONGER AN INDEPENDENT MELT SHOP IN OUR BUILDING.  Please melt your metal before bringing it to us.

b: COINS. We only buy brilliant uncirculated recognized coins (Eagles, Buffaloes, Krugerrands, Maples, Philharmonics, Pandas sealed by Chinese Mint, Mexican Onzas, etc.). If you want to sell us unrecognized gold coins please include them in your melt lot and we will buy them as part of your gold bar.

3. Domestic wire transfers incur a $35 fee. Foreign wire transfers incur a $50 fee. We do not typically offer foreign wire transfers but we consider all requests.

4. We only pay on one metal per bar. If you have gold and silver, don't melt them into the same bar. For example, melt all your gold into one bar, and melt all your silver into another bar.

5. We only offer dealer prices to properly licensed dealers.  You should have a CA issued Secondhand dealer license or a CA issued Pawnbroker license.

6. We deal face to face only.  If you would like to have one of your employees or a courier or representative of yours transact business on your behalf, we need your written authorization in advance.  Do not mail us precious metals.

Once you are familiar with our Procedures, Honest Buying Prices, and Policies, please go to our application below:


Want to legally sell gold for the most cash?
Our buying office is located at:
5859 Mission Gorge Road, San Diego, CA 92120

Our gold buying office is centrally located in San Diego for your convenience. We want your 'cash for gold' experience to be convenient and safe. As such we do not see customers at our gold refinery... customers can sell gold to one of our gold buyers at our buying office on Mission Gorge Road.


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